Coffee Shop Etiquette (or, how to hit on a Barista)

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Whether you are drinking a hot coffee or a cold brew in a public coffee shop, there is a certain etiquette that can create a better experience at a coffee shop. I'd like to share some rules of etiquette that we can all use. This will only help make our time spent making googly eyes at the baristas that much more enjoyable for every coffee lover.

  1. Don't ask someone to watch your things (computer, books) for longer than 10 minutes.
  2. Pay attention when your order is getting ready so you don’t slow up the line.
  3. Choose the smallest table that fit you and/or your friends (Don’t be a space hog).
  4. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation (talk about coffee roasting).
  5. Please don’t bring your dogs to the coffee shop, unless it’s a service dog.
  6. If you are going to hit on the barista with the tank top and tats, do it when he/she is not busy.
  7. And the last but not least: “Tip Well”.

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Tipping notes: Wil Shipley, renowned Software Engineer and coffee shop regular, says ”I tip very heavily on every transaction, so the baristas are getting paid. This helps the café owners, too, since they obviously have happier and better-paid baristas. And it makes the whole environment very friendly, as the baristas pretty quickly learn to love me and my monsters. (Also, don’t tell anyone, but they’ll start our drinks early when they see us in line.)"




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